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How to Get Back on Track Academically After Being on Break

After about a month off from school, it is hard to get yourself back into a routine. Although it was nice to be home and have the stress of academics lifted off of your shoulders, it is time to regain focus and get back on track towards a successful semester.

Set goals. It is a new semester—a blank slate awaiting you to improve upon any subject area that wasn’t your forte last semester.

Stay organized. Plan ahead and keep track of each course syllabus to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

Avoid procrastination. Putting off assignments and studying will only increase your stress levels and steer you off the right track.

Set up a reward system. Promise yourself that you can watch an episode of your current Netflix show or read a book for leisure before bed if you get all of your work done.

Take advantage of office hours. A new semester means new professors. Take the time to attend office hours as soon as you feel a bit off on any course material that way you can get the professor to remember your name and stick out among the rest of your class.

Keep your phone out of reach. Social media is a huge distraction. Sometimes I find myself wondering how I have nothing done and how I’ve ended up on my friend’s cousin’s boyfriend’s friend’s Instagram profile after an hour has passed by. 

I am from Long Island, New York. I currently attend Fairfield University and I am pursuing a major in Finance and minors in Mathematics and Economics. 
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