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How to Dress Stylish Yet Professional For an Interview

As collegiettes, both jobs and internships are on the brain. Resumes and cover letters are a must, but when it comes to interviews – what do we wear? We have all heard the saying “dress for success,” so it is no secret that one should always look professional when going to an interview. But looking professional does not mean that you cannot be fashionable at the same time. So you can impress your potential employer, we have compiled a list of outfits for you to wear to your next interview!

The Dress for Success



Ah, dresses! They can be fun for parties or just being casual. But dresses are also a secret weapon when it comes to looking professional. You can style a dress to be chic, yet still appropriate for the office, all while putting in minimal effort! Also, it’s great for when you don’t feel like worrying about whether your top matches your pants. You can pair a dress with a cardigans or blazer if you want to add layers.

Preppy and Chic in a Blazer

Blazers tend to be synonymous with the professional look. They add structure to an outfit and can pull a look together when worn properly. Underneath the blazer, you could go for either a patterned shirt or a blouse. For the bottom portion of your look, we recommend either trousers or dark-colored jeans. If you want to jazz up the look a little bit more, try a statement necklace.

Rocking the Blouse


Sometimes, you just want to wear a nice blouse without wearing a cardigan or blazer – and that is totally fine! With the right blouse, you do have the freedom to wear a skirt or pants. It’s all up to you! In the warmer weather, it is totally understandable if you do not want to deal with the heat and decide to rock a skirt (as long as it’s an appropriate length!).

Whether you take our suggestions or decide to mix and match them, we are confident that you will rock that interview with both your style and your skills.



Meghan Cusack

Fairfield '21

Meghan is currently a student here at Fairfield University. She's from Branford, CT and is an English major with a concentration in Professional Writing. She also has two minors in Spanish and Public Relations. Meghan also enjoys reading, drawing, eating lots of chocolate, and spending time with her cat Charming. 
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