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Brows are a constantly changing trend within the beauty world. From the thin, pencil browed era of the ‘90s to the impeccably bold, show-stopping, feathered brows that are seen all over social media today. This new brow trend of feathered brows is a fairly low-maintenance, natural look that requires no beauty treatments. 


What makes feathered brows so natural looking is that they follow your brow’s natural shape and color. No matter how much you are into beauty, feathered brows are a completely inclusive look that works for all brow shapes and sizes. 


When it comes to how to achieve this feathered brow trend, we recommend you getting a brow kit that includes everything you’ll need to perfect this look. Look for a brow kit that includes an eyebrow pencil, highlighter, brow gel, and brow brush. 


Step 1: Create your desired shape. Using a brow spoolie, brush and fluff your brow hairs up. When brushing the hair, make sure you start with feathered strokes upwards, and then move towards the center of your eyebrows as you brush, continuing to brush up along the natural arch of your brow. Once your desired shape is reached this step is complete.  


Step 2: Define and fill. Now it is time to fill your brows. As we mentioned earlier, this is a very natural look, so only fill your brows where it is necessary. When using a pencil for this step, apply the pencil with soft, upward strokes. If you feel like you may have overdone it with the filling and definition of your brows, just take your spoolie and blend the pigment more. 


Step 3: Lock it in. Once you have your ideal feathered brows achieved, it is time to lock them in. Using a clear brow gel, that won’t darken the color, apply the gel across your brows. When applying your brow gel, make sure to start in the center of your brows and move outwards and upwards. 


Optional Step: Conceal and highlight. 


We hope you will enjoy this trending brow shape just as much we do! 


Catherine Howley

Fairfield '22

Catherine is a senior Communication major at Fairfield University. In addition to majoring in Communication, she is also minoring in Education, Marketing, & Public Relations. Catherine has always had a love and passion for writing about women's fashion, lifestyle, and beauty. Upon graduating from Fairfield University, she hopes to continue, and further, her love of writing through working in the PR industry.
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