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If you know me, you know that I always have my nails done—literally always. I am the type of person whose nail breaks, and they have to go to the salon THAT DAY and get them fixed. With the quarantine and the closing of nail salons, that is obviously no longer possible. I decided to take matters into my own hands ~literally~ and attempt to do a powder dip manicure at home!


All over Instagram, I have seen advertisements for different at-home manicure kits. With careful research about the products, application process, and customer reviews, I decided to try one of them out. I placed an order with Rossi for the Glam Powder Trial Kit. This set comes with the choice of one powder color, base coat, activator, and top coat. 


I started with clean and bare nails. This is ~essential~ for a good powder manicure. I made sure there was no residue left from my last manicure, shaped and filed my nails, and buffed them. I applied one thin layer of the base coat, and then immediately dipped my nail in the powder called “Pink Mood” at a 45-degree angle. I did this for all of my nails three times each, dusting off any excess powder with a clean, fluffy makeup brush in between coats.


Once I reached my desired shade, I applied two coats of the activator to each nail. I filed and buffed my nails until they were smooth. After this, I applied two layers of the top coat to get that ~shine~!


I was very hesitant to try and do a powder manicure at home, but I figured now was a perfect time! I consider myself to be a nail snob, but I am very impressed with Rossi. The process was super easy and took a little over an hour to do. The most time-consuming part was filing and buffing before applying the top coat. 


Overall, I’m extremely happy with the results! By using a welcome coupon code and paying for shipping, the total was about $40. This is the cost of one monthly visit to the nail salon for me, so I already got my money’s worth! To purchase more colors, each jar is only about $13, and you get numerous manicures out of them—totally worth it, in my opinion! I’m definitely going to buy more colors in the near future and try to keep using Rossi products at home. It is only going to get easier with time and practice!


Lauren is a Connecticut native currently majoring in Marketing and Public Relations at Fairfield University. Her interests include spending time with friends, going to the gym, cooking, baking, and pumpkin spice everything! When she is not writing for Her Campus, she is probably spending time with her two dogs Lily & Daisy!