Her Advice: Roommates Can be a Blessing or a Curse, and Here’s Why?

Going to college and never having a roommate before can be pretty scary, especially if they’re randomly assigned to you. Random roommates are not as scary as you think and sometimes even better than picking one! While living with someone else can be extremely fun, you also need to understand that you and your roommate are going to have differences. Roommates can be a blessing or a curse, and here is why:


Having a roommate can be the best thing in the world! You’re never lonely and always have someone to hang out with. You may spend every second with them from doing homework, cooking dinner together, and even watching your favorite Netflix shows. Roommates can become people you tell your deepest secrets to, the latest gossip you heard, and all of your boy issues. They can be people you laugh with until your stomach hurts, and people you cry your tears out to. Your roommate can also become your built-in sister, and may even be a future bridesmaid in your wedding! 


On the other hand, sometimes, having a roommate can be difficult. It is completely normal to not agree with your roommate on absolutely everything! You and your roommate may not have the same sleep schedule or interests. Many common problems with a roommate are having to deal with them being loud in the morning, such as when they’re going to class. Or the room may become messy if your roommate is not as organized as you are. At the beginning of the year, it’s best to have a conversation about things that may or may not bother you and your interests. If there is ever a problem, address it in a respectful way. 

Remember, you and your roommate do not need to be ~besties~, but everything will be fine as long as you get along!