HAIM Releases New Song with Taylor Swift

Over the last decade, the Haim sisters have been on the rise. From performing as the opening acts at sold out stadiums across the United States to collaborating with established singers and songwriters, and being featured on hit albums, HAIM is gaining more fans by the day. 


In 2013, Alana Haim, the youngest of the three sisters stated to Rolling Stone Magazine: “When we started playing, we were valley kids – we’d never gone over the hill” indicating that they had no expectation that their songwriting and performing would sky rocket and put them where they are today. 


HAIM had opened for a select seventeen shows in Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour in 2015 – and this is where the musical collaborations between the singers had just begun and would take off from there on out. 


After the 1989 tour, HAIM and Taylor Swift’s relationship had slowed. A couple Instagram posts and tweets back and forth from each other kept the friendship alive yet no collaborations of any type ever came from the communication. 


In December of 2020, when Taylor Swift announced her album Evermore, it was a pleasant surprise to hear the harmony of the Haim sister’s voices in the song “No Body, No Crime.” This song was something completely unique from the remainder of the album never mind, Swift’s entire career. “No Body, No Crime” even mentioned the name of one of the Haim sisters, Este, who is portrayed as the main character throughout the entire song. 


And just recently, HAIM invited Taylor Swift to sing in on one of their more recent songs, “Gasoline” which was originally released in June. This song was rerecorded, specifically to feature Taylor Swift. 


As Taylor Swift posted to Twitter, she now considers herself the fourth Haim sister: “Cancel the DNA test I’m the 4th Haim sister and this song is the only proof I need #GasolineRemix.” 


On Instagram, HAIM reveals the reasoning behind collaborating with Taylor Swift in the first place: “since we release wimpiii in june, taylor had always told us that gasoline was her favorite, so when we were thinking about ways to reimagine some of the tracks from the record, we immediately thought of her.” 


They featured one another on their social media platforms with pictures of what is thought to be from the days and nights around when they recorded “Gasoline” together. Taylor captions her photo of the four “sisters” in animal onesies and two pizzas: “The mood board for the gasoline remix is just this one photo” while the Haim sisters shared a more mature exclusive look behind the scenes with wine glasses in hand and deep stares toward the camera. 


After hearing the magic that the collaboration between Taylor Swift and HAIM produce, let us all hope that there is more to come in the future – possibly a collaboration on one of Taylor’s re-records of her early albums?