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Goodbye Fairfield: A Senior’s Goodbye Letter

In less than five days, on May 20th, the senior class and I will be saying our farewells to Fairfield University. This is definitely not going to be an easy goodbye.

My four years at Fairfield University have obviously had their ups and downs, but they have been, quite literally, the best four years of my life. From my timid self, moving into Jogues Hall my freshman year (mind you, I was a nervous wreck), to where I am now, a much more confident senior who is lucky enough to live at the beach, these four years have shaped who I am and given me lifelong friends.  

Fairfield has prepared me well for the real world. Through Fairfield’s tremendous business school and Jesuit education, the internship I was so lucky to have, and the many other opportunities I was able to take advantage of – like volunteering through campus ministry, being a part of Fairfield U’s orchestra, and of course, writing and editing for Her Campus Fairfield – I have become a well-rounded individual. Fairfield U really opens the doors for students and provides us with endless opportunities.

Fairfield U doesn’t stop at the education, though. Fairfield has been responsible for four of the most fun years of my life. There are so many countless memories that I’ll never forget. Pres Ball, the many fall concerts, dinners in Barone, Clam Jam, days and nights at the beach, going to the Seagrape with all of my friends, and the many events hosted for the senior class, are some things I’ll miss, just to name a few. Let’s not forget about studying abroad, where I was granted the opportunity to live in Madrid, Spain for four months (aka the best four months of my life!!).

I want to thank all of the amazing friends I’ve made here, my roommates, the professors I’ve had, and pretty much anyone I’ve met along the way, but most importantly, I want to thank my parents for making it all possible. I’m sad to be leaving Fairfield University, but I’m both proud and grateful to be graduating as a Stag. It’s time to move onto the next chapter!

Underclassmen: Soak it all in, because these four years fly by and you too will be graduating before you know it. Fellow seniors: Congratulations! We made it.


Victoria Gracie

Fairfield '18

Victoria is a graduate from Fairfield University with a degree in International Business and Marketing. She's from Long Island and has an intense love for New York City. She hopes to travel the world and always lives life with a positive attitude. A few of her obsessions include pizza, dogs, coffee, and fashion. Follow her on Instagram: @vgraciee
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