Girls Are Putting Makeup Shaming to Rest With This New Empowering Campaign

As part of the feminist movement, going natural is an extremely prevalent topic in the media today. Girls are encouraged to flaunt the skin they were born in, and not conform to gender stereotypes to please the male gender. By showing the same person with half a face of makeup, it’s evident that we still are the same person, with or without the makeup. The girls in these pictures are real college students, ready to take a stand once and for all on makeup shaming.

While this movement is indeed empowering and liberating, the decision to wear a full face of makeup to class should not receive as much backlash as it does. Personally, I am nowhere near the definition of natural beauty: my hair is bleached, I’ve had hair extensions, and spend a good amount of time at my makeup table in the morning. So, I’m not surprised when I receive comments like “why are you trying so hard?” or “why are you wearing so much makeup?”

My decision to spend a little extra time in the morning to blend out my eye shadow and perfect my winged liner does not mean that I deny my own self-worth. Just because I enjoy putting my makeup on in the morning, it does not mean I’m a “fake” or “artificial” person. 

I am not trying to impress the boy sitting next to me in history class, nor am I trying to make the girls around me feel inferior. There is something simply about getting ready for the day that I enjoy. Being able to change up my look by using a different shade of eye shadow or lipstick is simply fascinating to me. 

It’s not false advertising, or a reason guys should have trust issues, either.

The idea that this makes me insecure or uncomfortable in my own skin is false as well. I can just as easily head out the door without any makeup, the same way I would with it. I would be lying if I said makeup didn’t make me feel more confident, but it certainly is not my source of confidence.

“Makeup Shaming” has recently become more and more popular. Girls shouldn’t feel ashamed to portray themselves the way they want, whichever way that may be. Why can’t we praise girls who style their hair and makeup, the same way we do to those who rock their bare faces?

Her Campus Fairfield has taken this part in the campaign that encourages girls to accept the way they look with and without makeup. Fairfield University girls are hoping to spread the word on self-acceptance.