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Trader Joe\'S Reusable Bag
Trader Joe\'S Reusable Bag
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FTFG: Fairfield Trader Joe Must Haves for Campus Meal Replacements

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fairfield chapter.

Adjusting to life without fourteen meals swipes a week may be challenging, especially for upperclassmen

Balancing the long walk from the townhouses, schoolwork, and cooking for yourself can be a lot in college. Luckily, Trader Joe’s is located 1.5 miles from the Fairfield University campus. TJ’s is so enticing because of their low prices, aesthetically pleasing packaging, and ample supply of pre-made frozen foods. Though the produce section is full of fresh and colorful options, let’s be real, the average college student is going straight to the freezer aisle. Lost on what to get? No worries, I have compiled lists of assorted Trader Joe’s frozen meals, sides, and snacks that are sure to save you time without breaking the bank. 

Let’s start with lunch and dinner-time meals. 

Most of these meals are microwave-safe (always double check beforehand!), but if you have access to a stove – go for it. I know it takes more work, however not using the microwave will elevate the quality of your meal. 

Next up is breakfast. 

On the days you don’t want a Tully breakfast sandwich, or don’t want to splurge on a BEC from Firehouse Deli (which are bomb by the way), try one of these breakfast picks.

Don’t worry – I did not forget about all of the HerCampus vegetarian readers out there. 

Trader Joe’s is notorious for their delicious veggie based options. You can absolutely dress some of these meals up and make them your own with your favorite sauces, spices, or dressings. 

What is a good meal without some sides? 

There truly is nothing like freshly baked bread. The Mini French Baguettes are SO GOOD.

Finally, bring on the snacks. 

Snacks are essential. 

There you have it!

I hope you enjoyed my recommendations For The Fairfield Girl Trader Joe’s must haves for replacement on campus meals. Whether you are cooking these in your off-campus home, townhouse kitchen, or in your dorm lounge, I hope you find these dining hall alternatives quick, easy, and most importantly delicious! 



Christina Silvestri is a contributing writer at Her Campus’s Fairfield Chapter. Her specialties lie in entertainment, mental health, and Fairfield recommendations. Christina is a current junior at Fairfield University. She is an English major with a concentration in English Studies with minors in Editing & Publishing and Italian. This summer, Christina interned at The McClatchy Company where she worked closely with the audio team on projects relating to politics, athletics, and true crime. Her day to day responsibilities included editing podcasts, researching guests, designing social media content, and additional journalistic tasks. In addition to writing, Christina enjoys reading, listening to podcasts, and doing just about anything with her friends; from watching movies to morning coffee runs. You will often find her trying out new hobbies like watercolor painting and knitting to keep her hands busy while she rewatches Gilmore Girls for the hundredth time. Christina also has an entertainment podcast fittingly called Entertain Us, which is available on Spotify.