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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fairfield chapter.

We have officially made it to the halfway point of the semester and the long-anticipated Fairfield Fall is in full swing! With this exciting time of year comes the not-so-exciting overflow of exams, projects, and midway checkpoints. However, I have the perfect solution to get all of you coffee lovers through. You guessed it, caffeine! Grabbing a coffee, whether you are with friends or solo, on or off campus, is a great way to fit in a study break, and physically re-energize. It is a win-win. Fairfield’s campus and surrounding town both have countless options to choose from for your next coffee date; let’s discuss some of the best ones. 


On those days when you have back-to-back classes and need a quick and easy pick-me-up, Fairfield has your back. 

Dunkin is located in the Barone Campus Center and is a staple rotation in my coffee lineup. The extensive menu full of classics, seasonal features, and even quick bites will surely have an option for anyone and will turn your day around. 

Starbucks is another great option located in the Dolan School of Business. Similar to Dunkin, it is easy to get to right on campus, making it an efficient addition to your daily schedule. Plus, you can use a meal swipe! A total bonus in my opinion. Whether it is first thing in the morning or an afternoon study session cap, Starbucks will be the perfect caffeination boost!


On the days when you have longer gaps between classes, or, even better, a day completely free of them, a walk into town to a coffee shop is a perfect activity. Bring your backpack and set up a study spot or take a pause from academics and treat yourself to a fun little trip! 

Shearwater Coffee Bar is located just a mile away from campus on Post Road. With tables both inside and outside and an elaborate menu, this is the perfect spot for all coffee lovers! Bring your friends, your family, or yourself, and spice up your schedule. 

Las Vetas Lounge is another popular spot for a coffee date! From the décor to the music to the plethora of seating choices, Las Vetas has all the vibes. Grab a seat by the front window and get some work done or simply take in all of Fairfield’s beauty with your favorite coffee order in hand! 

Chef’s Table is another choice that should have a spot on your list. Whether it is a midweek pick-me-up or a Sunday debrief with your roommates, Chef’s Table is the perfect spot to sit and eat with a fantastic coffee to top it all off. 

We are so lucky to be in Fairfield surrounded by so many amazing choices to grab a coffee. As a coffee lover, I certainly take advantage, and I encourage you to, too! You may be surprised by the way a coffee run, on or off campus, can make your day. (It’s the little things!) 



Maggie McGinley

Fairfield '26

Maggie McGinley is a Sophomore Communication Major at Fairfield University with a minor in Marketing and Digital Journalism. Maggie is a current member of Her Campus and looks forward to contributing as a writer this semester! Beyond Her Campus, Maggie is involved in Women in Business, PRSSA, and a vice president for the Communication Club on campus. She looks forward to planning and executing events for students in her major this year! In her free time, Maggie loves exercising, reading, and anything self-care related! Additionally, she loves spending time with her friends and family, summers at the beach, and the fall in Fairfield!