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A Fresh Look at Fairfield’s New Restaurant, Freshii

Get excited Fairfield collegiettes, a new restaurant and smoothie place has opened in downtown Fairfield right next to the bookstore! With a modern name like Freshii and matched with a catchy motto, “Eat. Energize.” it is self-implied that they offer fresh and healthy alternatives to those who are on the go.

Freshii offers a simple yet delicious menu of snacks, juices, smoothies and meals that are full of nutrients and will leave you feeling satisfied and energized to carry out your busy day. Even if you don’t see anything on their menu you don’t particularly love, Freshii also offers a “build your own” salads, wraps, bowls and soups so you can customize your order to anything you are craving.

 Don’t think it can get any better? Freshii conveniently accepts our Stag Card and are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their doors open at 8 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. Monday through Friday, making it an easy and accessible place to grab a bite any time throughout the school week. On the weekends, they are open from 9 to 8 on Saturday and from 10 to 7 on Sunday.

When we went down to check out our very own Fairfield Freshii we were greeted by a friendly staff who watched with smiles as we explored their unique restaurant. From their menus neatly displayed on the wall to their awesome décor, Freshii grabbed our attention and we were ultimately impressed.

We decided to order a salad and a smoothie. The unique thing about their salads is they are originally made without the protein. So instead of making our salad a full heavy meal, we were able to make a light snack out of it! But for all you protein lovers do not worry, once you have selected your salad, you can add shrimp or steak for $2.79, falafel or tofu for $1.49 or chicken for $2.99. The salads range from 7 to 8 dollars, a small price to pay for the amount of crisp and juicy veggies piled on top.

The smoothies left us thinking of the famous “small but mighty” phrase because although smaller in size, Freshii’s smoothies are packed with fresh ingredients that are full of flavor. We left feeling satisfied and refreshed and were actually a little surprised that a “healthy” smoothie could taste so good! While they were a little on the pricier side, we think the taste of freshness may be worth it. Besides the delicious smoothies, Freshii offers juice cleanses. You can do a one, three or five-day juice cleanse to give your body the little extra nutrient kick it needs.

We thought our meal was a perfect match to satisfy any mid-day or post-workout hunger. We left feeling refreshed and recharged, putting Freshii on our new favorite restaurant list. Collegiettes you have to stop in to check out Freshii or even give them a call a head of time for pickup!

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