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The Five Instagrams We Love to Take

*Insert a close up shot of you and your friends doing one of those “jump in the air” shots at the beach while the sun is setting * photos. Its official, us girls think we are the greatest photographers of all time just because we take “artsy” pictures and put them through some overkill filter, hoping to break 100 likes. Never again will a good hair day or a cute outfit go to waste because a simple “insta” will let anyone and everyone you’ve ever known see how pretty and put together you think you are. I mean, what better way to make your entire followers list super jealous other than uploading the new clothes your mom bought you or a photo of your most recent vaca? I think I speak for everyone when I say that there is no anxiety quite like that which you experience after posting a photo on Instagram. You would be lying to yourself if you say you’ve never texted your friends saying “Like my photo!” Here are just a couple classic Instagram moments us girls are all too familiar with…

1. Food gram! Lets be honest, if you didn’t take a picture of your food at The Granola Bar and instagram it, did you really go? 

2. The classic “My school is better than yours” Instagram caption. We’ve all done it, the artsy landscape picture of the school’s main entrance or the raging “darties” on Saturdays.

3. Every girl loves showing off her freshly painted nails. I’m sure most of us have done the whole, “Loving this nail color! #Essie” caption before. 

4. No matter how close your relationship may be with the someone, I know you have ALL done the whole, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my bestie since forever!! Love you so much girl xoxo” caption before.  Birthdays are just another excuse to put up cute pictures and make you seem super popular, when in reality how many “besties” or “twinnies” do you actually have? 

5. Holiday season is the perfect excuse for an Instagram. It wouldn’t be Christmas break without a cliché “tea and a book on this snowy day! #cozy” caption. However the reality of the situation is you’re just trying to show off how your new pair of leg warmers matches perfectly with your mug. 


Let’s not forget about our favorite Instagram comments! Has a girl ever commented on another girl’s Instagram without incorporating some variation of the following comments? Answer: highly unlikely.- The fire emoji (implying your friend is a SMOKE)- OBSESSED (usually in all caps)- DAAMNNN- Can I be you?- Omg love this!- Stop it, too cute *heart eye emoji*

Pamela is currently in her senior year at Fairfield Univerity where she is majoring in management. In her free time she enjoys working out, spending time with friends and family and binge watching reality television. *guilty*.... Follow her on instagram! @pamelagrant
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