Fairfield on Princeton Review's Annual List of Best Value Colleges

Ladies, there’s nothing better than getting to brag about our own campus, right? With so much love for our Stagnation, it’s one of our passions to show off what it truly means to be a Stag! Well, there is now some great news for all of us. Recently, Fairfield University has been named one of the Best Value Colleges by the Princeton Review’s annual listing. Fairfield is one of about 200 schools to be named to the list… AND one of four Connecticut schools!  


 Now, you may be wondering: what exactly does it mean for Fairfield U to be a “Best Value” college? It’s safe to now say that being a Stag means that you’re a student of a school with superb academic opportunities, affordable tuition, and great outlooks for post-graduation jobs or educational advancements. Every penny is worth being a Stag, to say the least!


Fairfield University has been able to make this list for several years in addition to numerous other Princeton Review lists. These include, but are not limited to, Happiest Students, Best Northeastern, and The Best 385 Colleges. Truly, Fairfield is rising to the top of every list as it makes improvements on increasing quality of life, education, and even the environment on campus. So, the next time your schedule is packed with papers and exams, just remember all the time and stress at Fairfield University will bring value to your future life! Study hard, ladies!