Everything We Need to Know About the CW's ~All American~

Ladies, recently, Netflix has been blessed with the addition of the contemporary 21st century of Friday Night Lights – All American.  All American is a show produced and aired by the CW, making its way to television in 2019. It has completed its second season, both of which are available for streaming on Netflix. The show has received positive feedback from many young adults and the mass media, as it covers many controversial topics on race, sexuality, mental health, and privilege. Through its intense and engaging storyline, the show is sure to teach viewers how to be more conscious of their peers and the struggles that many individuals face on a daily basis, encouraging individuals to begin talking more freely about these topics.  


We could talk about just how great All American is all day, but there are a few inside secrets that make watching the show even better, and we are so excited to ~spill~ the scoop!  


All American is actually loosely based on a true story surrounding the life of retired NFL player Spencer Paysinger. Paysinger grew up in Crenshaw and experienced a life much life Spencer James’s when he transferred to Beverly High School to play football. Although the story is based on Paysinger’s life, many of the details on the show are added for dramatic effect.  


Daniel Ezra, the star that plays Spencer James, is British! No one would ever see that coming with his seemingly perfect version of the American accent. Ezra was known to speak in full accent throughout filming production. Many of the producers and co-actors did not know Ezra was British until filming concluded for the seasons’ ends.  


The actress that plays Layla throughout the show, Greta Onieogou, has started a career as a YouTube star. She posts vlogs and other fun content to document her daily life, workout routines, and questions about being a star on All American! Her content is super fun to watch, and definitely worth it if you want to see more of Layla off the screen.  


And… our most exciting gossip about All American, is that the show has been renewed for a third season! We are lucky enough to get to follow the life of Spencer James for another season. The season is planned to air in the fall of 2020, so just around the corner. Ladies, get ready for All American streaming parties because we could not be more thrilled!