“Everything we Need to Know about Briar Nolet from World of Dance”

Ladies, ~World of Dance~  has quickly become one of America’s most watched dance competition-style TV shows. It showcases many different styles of dance and dancers, but this season, one of the most-loved contestants is 20-year-old Briar Nolet.


Briar has been a dancer for the majority of her life, which shows in her athleticism and talent onstage. Nolet is Canadian and has been a member of the Canadian Dance Company since the age of 12. In one of her more recent dances on WOD, titled “Come Fly with Me”, she was extremely emotional after her performance and the judges asked if it had any special meaning to her. She shared her past struggles with seizures and how the piece was about her conquering those battles.



As a previous competitive dancer, myself, it’s so exciting to see a dancer like that catch so many people’s attention on a show like this. WOD gets a lot of criticism because it is mostly known for hip hop, but Briar Nolet is making ~waves~ in the viewer’s hearts with her contemporary dance style. She’s one of the most talented contestants on the show by far. She isn’t one of the more popular styles of dance that have won on the last 2 seasons, so she has to prove herself even more to the judges.


Briar certainly redeemed herself in the Redemption round where she almost went home, and it’s clear she’s not planning on going anywhere anytime soon!


We can’t wait to keep watching her dances each week and see even more of her talent!