Everything We Know About Lady Gaga’s New Album

Bring it in Little Monsters, Lady Gaga recently hinted that new music is underway! In response to tabloids speculating that she was pregnant, Lady Gaga shot down the rumors in one swift tweet saying, “Rumors I’m pregnant? Yeah, I’m pregnant with #LG6.”

   Fans believe that LG6, a nickname for Lady Gaga 6, or the lead single will drop when Gaga celebrates her 33rd birthday on Thursday, March 28. Additionally, after she posted her tweet, she changed her social media profile pictures for an image of a musical staff with the notes “G-A-G-A.” She also got a tattoo of the same image on her right arm on Valentine’s Day.  Entertainment Weekly gives us all the ~deets~ saying that this new ink suggests she's working on a creative project, since she usually gets tattoos that are connected to her music. Let’s not forget in October 2016 she tattooed “Joanne” in her late aunt’s handwriting on her left arm.

   Lady Gaga recently spent time collaborating with other artists on unknown projects, which many fans believe to be LG6. Scottish producer Sophie, German techno producer Boys Noize, and BloodPop are some of the groups that have spent time working with Lady Gaga.

It’s not definite but Rihanna and rapper Cupcake are also involved with the upcoming album!


Between ARTPOP and Joanne, it’s obvious that Lady Gaga’s talent and source of inspiration is limitless. While we have no clue what LG6 has in store for us, we do know it will be fierce, unique, and genuine!