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Green is in. I’m not talking about the color, but rather a green-state of mind. Recently, a lot of awareness has been raised about pollution and preserving the environment. As a result, companies have taken steps toward promoting these values, particularly in the fashion industry. Why not wear cute clothes while simultaneously saving the environment? Here are some stores that have fashionable and eco-friendly clothes:

1. BeGood – A retail company based out of San Francisco that features timeless, classic, and affordable looks that are essential to every wardrobe. BeGood uses natural and environmental-friendly products for their items. Their mission is to, “be the first zero-waste retailer on earth.”

2. Patagonia – We all know and love the Patagonia sweatshirts and vests, but in case you didn’t know, the retailer uses recycled polyester and only organic cotton. These clothes are made from cotton farmed without fertilizers, pesticides, and pesticides and uses non-GMO seeds to create a healthy crop.

3. Cotton On– This clothing store was started in Australia and prides itself in being environmental friendly and taking extra precautions when manufacturing and buying products. Cotton On states their motto is, “building an ethical, sustainable and profitable business and ensuring we have a positive impact on our people, the community, the planet and all those we connect with” (Cotton On).

4. Amour Vert– A chic and eco-friendly fashion brand that is committed to not only looking good but also doing good. Amour Vert translates as “Green Love” in French. The company prides itself in using all natural and non-toxic materials in making their clothing. Their products are carried in Nordstrom, Revolve, Rodale’s and a few other places.

All of these stores are raising awareness to the importance of preserving our planet. By going green, you are not only saving the earth but also saving ourselves, so why not look good AND feel good by buying and wearing clothes from these eco-friendly brands.



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