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Easiest Meal Ideas For The Busy College Upperclassmen

Having your own kitchen is both a blessing and a curse. Before you come to school you bookmark all your favorite recipes and buy all the ingredients in order to make the most delicious meals at school. Unfortunately when it comes time to cook all those meals after a long day of classes you want nothing more than food waiting for you at home. The best way to save money and have easy and tasty prepared foods is meal prep.  Here are some easy breakfast lunch and dinner ideas that will have you filled up in no time.

  1. Defrost a package of chicken on a Sunday and separate each piece with tin foil. Grill however many piece you wants for that week and cut and spate into containers. You can make everything from a grilled chicken sandwich to salad with grilled chicken on top.

  2. Pasta, Pasta, Pasta. Everyone loves pasta and it is very easy to make. Cook a container of pasta a once done place in two or three containers. Fill one with vodka sauce, one with cheese, and one with vegetables and mayo. Stick all of them in the fridge and warm up when ready to eat or keep cold for pasta salad lunch

  3. Salad! Wash a huge bushel of salad and create your own whether it be Caesar, Cobb, or Asian!

  4. Breakfast for dinner! Pancake mix is a must to have in your townhouse. Instead of just making regular pancakes add corn and make corn fritters. An easy and delicious alternative!

  5. Mini pizzas! English muffins are must in any townhouse. Add some pasta sauce and mozzarella cheese, pop in the oven and have a quick and easy pizza,

  6. Avocado toast with sriracha. Healthy a delicious, avocado toast is the quickest meal to make and is very healthy for you. Add some salt, pepper, and a little siracha and you have yourself a tiny snack or breakfast option

  7. Sandwiches, sandwiches, sandwiches. There is nothing better then placing your favorite ingredients together on two pieces of bread. Easy and delicious and only takes five minutes.

You don’t have to be a master chef to cook or create a good meal. Get your favorite ingredients together and see what happens! Worst-case scenario you order Colony pizza!!!


Jackie has been an active member of Her Campus Fairfield over the past two years and is the new Co-Campus Correspondent for Fairfield's chapter. She is a junior communications major with a minor in marketing. She loves baking, sports, sushi, and her Jack Russell Terrier Tipper.
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