Drake Defends Female Fans During Concert

Know yourself and know that if you mess with his fans, Drake will stop a show to call you out.

During a performance in Sydney, Australia this week, Drake stopped singing to address a situation he noticed occurring from the DJ booth he was standing on. In the middle of his song ‘Know Yourself,’ Drake called out an audience member for inappropriately touching women who were also in the crowd.

Drake threatened to fight the male in the audience, who was groping women. Drake was incredibly stern and he immediately came to the defense of women in the audience.

Interrupting his lighthearted performance to put an end to a fan’s inappropriate actions offers hope in light of the sexual harassment claims spreading throughout Hollywood at the moment and goes to show how genuine Drake truly is.

As videos of Drake yelling at the male circulate around the internet, there is one thing we know for sure: when it comes ‘violence against women, the 6 God says no.’