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Dorm Room Revamp

Since we spend a lot of time in our dorm rooms, it’s easy to become bored with our set ups or decorations. Here are some quick and easy ways to re-vamp your dorm room to give it a cozy, worn-in feel.

1.     Stickable Decal Photo Frames

Websites such as photojojo.com create stickable frames that you can stick to your wall as simple and decorative frames for your pictures. The frames add a more finished look to your walls and you are still able to hang pictures. Photojojo.com offers different frame designs and sizes to fit your specific style. 

2.     DIY Fabric Letters

I made these for my own dorm room and they’re my favorite thing about my décor. It’s a simple, DIY project and they can make fun gifts for your friends. I ordered Lilly Pulitzer fabric off of etsy.com, and purchased wooden letters from Joanne Fabric. First, you trace the fabric in accordance to the wooden letter, and then use Mod Podge to glue it to the surface of the letter. To finish, I tacked colored ribbon to the back of each letter so they would be easy to hang on the wall! 

3.     Christmas lights

Hanging lights of any sort in your room is an underrated decoration, but makes the most difference in your room. The addition of stringed-lights will create a cozy feel to your room, and provide a nice atmosphere for both night and day. If you want to get really creative, arrange your lights in the shape of a word or picture. 

4.     Flowers

The addition of flowers to any room will brighten up the atmosphere. If you don’t have a vase, no worries. Old bottles of any kind make great, makeshift vases. Don’t forget to put them by your window so they can get sun!

5.     Painted Mason Jars

Feel like your desk is getting a little cluttered? Old Mason jars make great pencil holders for your desk. Paint them with any color paint or even glitter paint. If you want to personalize them, Mod Podge personal pictures to the side of the jar.

6.     Instagram Photos

The website origrami.com transforms your personal Instagram photos into Polaroid pictures. You can set them up in whichever way you want, and all you have to do is click “order now.” When they come in, hang them up on a string with close pins, creating a homey, hispter feel. 

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