The Do’s and Dont's of Parking at Fairfield University

I think we can all agree that having our cars on campus is one of the best privileges of being a student at Fairfield University. However, as an underclassman, it is not worth bending the rules Fairfield has put in place. The biggest misconception about parking as a freshman or sophomore on campus (without approval), is that you can easily get away with doing so. This is the furthest thing from true, as the university has implemented these regulations to keep our student body safe. Below are some reasons as to why it’s worth waiting to be a junior to bring your car on campus…

All student, faculty and staff vehicles must be registered with the Parking Office located on the ground floor of Loyola Hall.

First-year and sophomore resident students are not authorized to have automobiles on campus (including weekends). Students who violate this policy will lose their privilege to register cars as juniors.

Chronic parking/traffic offenders who accumulate five (5) violations for being unregistered will be subject to having their vehicles immobilized.

Those registered chronic offenders who receive five (5) violations may be subject to modified parking regulations.

 A $60 surcharge will also be added to the regularly published fine schedule and the vehicle will be towed from locations not assigned to that vehicle.

Fraudulent registration, misrepresentation of University affiliation, or the display of stolen or misbegotten, altered, or counterfeit stickers constitute grounds for disciplinary action, towing, and/or immobilization.

For more information regarding Parking&Traffic call the office at (203) 254-4000 ext. 2745