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Disney Princes: Reality or Just a Fairytale?

How many times have you heard that life is not a fairytale? I’d guess way more than once, but yet we still hold out hope. Why? Who knows for sure. I say part of the blame rest squarely on the wide and muscled shoulders of the Disney princes. They set the bar high for us at a young age of what to expect in a guy. These men go above and beyond for their girls regardless of the circumstance. I’m not saying that we have to be damsels in distress, but where is the chivalry that these movies taught us? We can’t help but wonder what it would be like to have a prince whisk us away from our boring everyday lives. Here are some of the Disney princes’ shining moments … guys take note.

Aladdin- Aladdin 

Aladdin may be the perfect example of a classic crush. Although Aladdin and Princess Jasmine may have met under false pretenses, they knew they were meant to be and enlisted the help of a magic genie. We’re not saying that guys need to team up with a shape-shifting genie to get our attention, but thinking a little outside of the box will definitely not go unnoticed.  

Prince Charming- Cinderella 

Again, another example of meeting under somewhat false pretenses, but Prince Charming hung on to the only thing left from their night together, a shoe, to find Cinderella again. He knew she was the one and wouldn’t give up searching his kingdom until he found her. Who knows ladies, maybe if we drop our cell phone or Stag card on the way out of Barone our Prince Charming may just come looking for us.  

Hercules- Hercules

Although Hercules may not be an official prince, he definitely embodies some of the classic Disney prince qualities. He is a God after all. Hercules gave up his life on Mount Olympus to be with Meg because he knew his life without her wouldn’t be worth living. Even with all the responsibilities that fell to Hercules, he still made Meg a priority. I mean if Hercules can find time to spend with Meg while saving the people of Greece, you would think guys could fit girls into their busy schedules of school, sports, parties and…well that’s probably about it. 

Prince Eric- The Little Mermaid

Prince Eric and Ariel’s relationship was a perfect example of selfless love. He was instantly drawn to Ariel’s singing voice and fell in love with her; while ironically, she made a tough choice to give up her voice to be with him. He didn’t know by this time she had saved his life twice already #girlpower. Prince Eric gave her a place to stay and provided her meals regardless of the fact she couldn’t talk. Guys today should consider giving the quiet girl a chance. They really do have a lot to say and are stronger than you think. Not everything is as it seems on the surface.

Li Shang- Mulan

The way Li Shang and Mulan’s relationship started was anything but normal. She pretended to be a guy in the army to protect her father, and he was the tough army commander who didn’t think she could make it. Even though Mulan proves that she is strong and capable, all her hard work is discredited when it is discovered that she is a woman. Li Shang stands by her and helps put her plan to save the emperor into motion. Now who doesn’t want to be with someone who believes in them? Li Shang proves that you can still be an alpha while standing by your girl.

Flynn Ryder/ Eugene Fitzherbert- Tangled

Flynn Rider and Rapunzel’s relationship started off as unlikely friends. He was a thief and she wanted to escape her stepmother. The lantern celebration on her birthday was just the beginning, but his feelings were solidified when he protected her from her crazy stepmother by cutting her hair. She wasn’t able to help save him, but this selfless act showed how much he loved her. I’m not suggesting girls start dating thieves or letting them cut their hair (gasp), but Eugene and Rapunzel’s relationship proves that love can come out of the most unique circumstances.      

Kristoff- Frozen

Kristoff is the epitome of selflessness, which is a recurring theme in what love is really all about. He loved Ana and he let her go back to Hans because he knew that’s what she wanted. Kristoff never gave up on Ana and eventually came back for her because he loved her that much. He would have done anything to make her happy.  

So after reading this, we have to believe that our Prince Charmings are out there somewhere waiting for us! Until we find each other, maybe we can watch a few of these movies to fill the void. 

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