The Difference Between Gel and Powder Manicures

Recently, everyone has been buzzing about the new gel powder manicure that doesn’t require any UV light. People claim that this new dip powder is better for your nails compared to the original gel… is this true or just another beauty myth? Here is everything you need to know about gel, gel powder, and the difference between the two types of manicures!


How are they applied?

A technician does a powder dip manicure by brushing a resin directly onto the nails and then follows by dipping the nails into a powder. This process creates a similar hard-coated acrylic substance; however, it is still gel. To get a regular gel manicure, nail technicians apply gel polish directly from a bottle and then use a UV light to cure the gel. This results in a strong, glossy coating.


How much are they and how long do they last?

Prices vary depending on the salon you go to, but dip powder normally costs $5-$10 more than regular gel. Regular gel manicures last around 2 weeks and gel powder manicures last 3-4 weeks, making the extra cost ~worth it~!


Which one is healthier?

Due to the makeup of our nails, the nail plate has everything it needs to exist. This means that professional nail products, whether that be dip powder or gel, are equally healthy for your nails. Neither of these techniques actually damage your nail. The only way you can damage your nails from these methods is either improper application or removal of the coatings. 


Dip Powder vs. Gel?

In terms of which nail trend is better, the answer depends on YOU, the client! Whether you get gel powder or regular gel, that is up to your personal preference. As someone who used to get gel and has now switched over to gel powder, I can say that I prefer dip powder. Even though both techniques are equally healthy for the nails, I feel as though the powder manicure makes my nails less brittle and lasts a week or two longer than the regular gel.


Try both techniques and see which method works best for you. Similar to nail shapes, the type of manicure you get is up to you! Go, make your hands feel beautiful! 


HCXO, Collegiettes!