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Creepy Clown Sightings in Various States Throughout the Country

Yep, you read right, clowns all over the country.

Oh, and when you read the word “clown,” do not start picturing cute, happy, Ronald McDonald-looking clowns trotting down the sidewalk handing out balloons…

Think of the clowns in horror movies that give you an immediate, gut-wrenching pit in your stomach.

Basically, people have been freaking out lately due to reports of men and women dressed in full clown get-ups doing “creepy things.” Some of these spine-chilling acts include creeping outside of bushes, lurking near schools, chasing children, whispering in the woods while children walk by, and attempting to lure people into the woods.

Rolling Stone came out with a video to give viewers a glimpse of how eerie these clowns really are.

 Watch if you dare.

Not only are these clowns making their way across the country physically, they’re starting to run the social media world as well. Wally.theclowns has almost 3,000 followers on Instagram (I may or may not have requested to follow).

According to NBC News, “…at least a dozen people [have been] arrested for taking part in the menacing stunt or for making false reports, according to police.”

These foreboding clowns have been spotted in states like North Carolina, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, Florida, Delaware, Washington, and Texas.

Oh, and for all of you Long Islanders, look out because a new twitter handle (which was already suspended by Twitter officials) @LIClowns recently appeared last Friday.

Many are wondering if these clowns are as dangerous as everybody says they are or if they’re simply trying to get a rise out of people since many reports claim that the clowns sometimes don’t even speak to the civilians passing by.

“Saw a creepy clown on the sidewalk in Lynwood/Edmonds [Washington] area last night. Wasn’t trying to lure anyone from what I could tell, but still absolutely terrifying. He was on the ground on hands and knees waving to us as we passed by in cars at the street light,” Said Gabriella Morrow to Kiro7 News.

People have been speculating that the rise in these sightings has something to do with Halloween coming up and the craziness will die down come November.

Let’s hope those people are right.


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