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Carving Pumpkins: Expectations vs. Reality

Fall is finally here and we can’t wait to start partaking in all of our favorite fall activities. From going apple picking, to getting that perfect Instagram in the pumpkin patch, everything about fall excites us. But not everything about fall is that simple. We all love carving pumpkins but do they ever come out the way we imagined? Here is the expectation vs. reality of carving pumpkins.

It’s Never Easy

Nothing is ever easy and carefree. Something that is supposed to be fun can never happen without an argument with friends and family. The expectation is that everyone is happy doing this fall activity, but the reality is that someone will think of something that will just make the whole thing a bigger deal than its worth. 

The Mess it Makes

Although it may be fun to carve the pumpkins, is the mess it makes really worth it? The pumpkins don’t even last that long anyway. The expectation is that your carving tools will do a good job on there own, but the reality is that you will be forced to get your hands dirty if you really want the pumpkin carving to come out nice.

Having the Biggest Expectations, but being Hopelessly Disappointed

Do you have to wait all the way until Halloween to celebrate?! The expectation is that it would be immediate Halloween and fall time fun, but the reality is that it’s only the beginning of October and you have to wait almost 4 weeks until you can truly celebrate. 

It Never Turns Out Quite the Way You Wanted To

You try so hard to get the perfect pumpkin carving. The expectation is that it comes out like one of your pins on your “fall” Pinterest board, but the reality is that it comes out looking like one of the pumpkins in “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”. 

But in the end it is always worth the work. The season wouldn’t be the same without it!


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