Campus Profile: Sweat Scene

This week’s campus profile is focused on sophomore Eva Rago from Randolph, NJ! Eva is a journalism major with a passion of living a healthy lifestyle. While balancing crazy sophomore classes, staying fit, and having time for friends and family, Eva has brought a new club to Fairfield University. Eva is in charge of Sweat Scene Fairfield. This club of 20 health-motivated Fairfield U students write helpful articles to healthy living in college for the blog, the Sweat Scene! If you’re ever wondering about ways to stay fit, healthy alternatives around campus or town, or even need a new workout routine, Sweat Scene is your go-to blog!

HC: For those who don’t know, what is Sweat Scene?

ER: Sweat Scene is a fitness blog specifically for college students that promote living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It provides endless knowledge on fitness studios, healthy food spots around your campus, exercise tips and tricks, recipes, basically all things fitness!

HC: What made you want to bring it to Fairfield?

ER: I wanted to bring it to Fairfield because fitness has benefited in so many ways, so I wanted to somehow share the inspiration I feel from exercising and writing with students on our campus – and obviously the Sweat Scene is the combination of both! Especially with our amazing new gym, it’s an incredible, accessible reference for students to use in pursuing healthy living at school. I’m always looking for new things to dip my toes into that I feel like can benefit not only myself but other students well.

HC: What will Sweat Scene bring to Fairfield students?  

ER: We have an official team of about 20 members who all have so much to offer in their own unique ways regarding fitness and living a healthy lifestyle, which makes the influence of the site that much stronger throughout our campus. Really anybody can relate or benefit from the website in some way. You don’t have to be a gym rat to actually benefit from the Sweat Scene - it’s just a great reference and guide for healthy recipes, exercise tips and tricks, info about spots in the RecPlex, nutritious meal spots on and off campus, and so on. It’s almost impossible to go on the website and not feel motivated in some way!

HC: When does Sweat Scene Fairfield site officially launch?

ER: This week is when our first articles will be published, stay tuned!!!

HC: What’s next for you after the Sweat Scene?

ER: Who knows! Like I said, I’m constantly looking for different things to dip my toes into…I’m really never satisfied in that sense. There’s so much more I hope to accomplish before I graduate from Fairfield, and I’m far from where I want to be! If you know me, you know my mind is constantly running in a million directions, but I can’t help it! I’m always onto the next thing… the next thing I want to do…the next place I hope to be. I think it’s really important to find what keeps you motivated everyday and always remain curious.

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