Campus Cuties: Lax Captains Edition

In honor of the 75th anniversary celebration game against Villanova on Saturday March 25th, this week’s campus cuties are gentlemen that are not only talented on the field but also extremely fun to talk to.  Meet this season’s lacrosse captains: Jacob “Jake” Knostman, Nico Panepinto, and Logan Williamson.  

Major(s): Jake: Economics and Information Systems Nico: Finance Logan: Marketing


Jake: 2017 Nico: 2017 Logan: 2017

Relationship Status: Jake: Single Logan: In a Relationship Nico: In a Relationship


Jake: Bainbridge Island, Wash. Nico: Needham, Mass. Logan: New Rochelle NY

Her Campus Rep: When did you start playing lacrosse and why?

Logan: I started playing in third grade.  A lot of my cousins played and they convinced me to pick up a stick.  I was very bad at baseball and pretty chubby so they wanted me to start moving around.

HC: Aw that’s so cute!

Jake: I started in third grade also.  My best friends dad was the coach of the team at our elementary school.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of baseball because I played outfield and all the kids in the infield played great so I just stood there (laughs).

Nico: I was fourth grade and I started kind of because of my parents.  They both played and introduced my brother and I to it at an early age and I really liked it right away.

HC: When did you three meet each other?

Logan: Jake and I met down in Florida while we were still in high school in an all American Game.  We played each other at random. The first week of school you get pretty close to your recruiting class.

Jake: Being back on campus and being around each other everyday.

Logan: You get thrown into the fire as soon as you get here.

HC: You three lead a Division 1 lacrosse team, what’s the best and worst part of being captains?

Logan: Best part is seeing it all come together.  It could be a great practice.  Seeing guys starting to believe and have a big smile on there face.  They trusted the system and they understand it and got results out of it.  That’s the best part.  Once we get to conference play we start rattling along some wins and its going to be very meaningful to us and seeing how important it is to everyone else.

Nico: Worst part is getting kids to do laundry on time. (Logan and Jake laugh).  We have to take care of our own laundry and somehow everyday something gets messed up.  Every single day it’s something. 

Logan: Lose faith after a big lost like Yale or Penn State.  That’s the hard part, keeping guys trusting and inspired to keep playing after it feels like everything is going against you.

HC: What are your goals for this season?

Jake: Win NCAA both regular season and post-season tournament.

Nico and Logan: National Championship

HC: The Villanova game on Saturday is part of the 75th celebration of our institution, what Jesuit values do you hold as a team leader and why?

Logan: Men and women for others.

Logan: Jake is Magis, he has a 4.0 is good looking and he’s single.

Jake: Technically it’s a 3.99.

Nico: Cura personalis, taking care of myself to be a good leader to others.

HC: What are you’re thoughts on March Madness, who do you think is going to win it?

Logan: I had Arizona and they got knocked out [Thursday] night.

Jake: Oregon, they definitely are not going to win but I gotta root for them.

Logan: My mom makes a bracket every year and she kicks my ass it’s unbelievable.

Nico: Kansas

HC: You all practice and workout a lot, what are your favorite post-workout snacks?

Logan: We get pretty good chocolate milk after we walk out of the weight room.  There’s a fridge full of chocolate milk in the weight room we have to take two on our way out.  They are pretty satisfying.

Jake and Nico: Yeah

Nico: Out of the carton.

HC: What’s your favorite cheat day meal?

Jake: Everyday is a cheat day. (They all laughed)

Nico: Sunny Daes, we go there a lot.

Logan: Saturday and Sunday morning hitting up the diner and getting absolutely everything for breakfast.

HC: What’s your favorite restaurant? 

Logan: Circle Diner.

Jake: Chipotle, we go there a lot.

HC: Chipotle or Qdoba?

Jake: I’m on the fence I like the queso aspect.

HC: I like queso and I like free Guac.

Logan: That’s what they have in Qdoba?

HC: Not paying extra for Guac is great.

Nico: You guys are converting him.

HC: What’s your favorite spot going for going on a date?

Logan: My favorite spot is Gray Groose.

Nico: Brick and Wood.

Jake: The Chelsea.

HC: What’s one thing that you wish you could’ve done at Fairfield?

Jake: I wish I studied abroad.  These two did.

Nico: I would love to have done intramural sports and play flag football.  I miss football.  We are not technically allowed to play intramural sports. *

Logan: I was a huge skier before college and I got my skis taken away so I wouldn’t do something stupid once I started playing.  Obviously we wish we were more active on campus with clubs and being part of service groups.

*Note: They can’t play intramural sports out of fear of potentially suffering an injury.

HC: What’s one thing that’s on your bucket list?

Logan: I really want to do a big time travel across the world; my girlfriend and I have that planned.

Nico: I just want to go see any big time European soccer game and experience that atmosphere.

Jake: I would like to hit every continent including Antarctica.

HC: Plans after graduation?

Jake: I’m working in San Francisco at a software developing company called Pivotal

Logan: I’m hoping to be working in New York City.  I live 20 minutes away and I like the city lifestyle it’s my scene.

Nico: I’m going to hopefully move to New York City and hopefully get a job somewhere in there and experience that lifestyle.  I grew up in Boston and I want to check it out.

Come support the Men’s lacrosse team as they take on Villanova on Saturday March 25th at 1 p.m. at Conway Field in Rafferty Stadium. #GoStags!