Campus Cuties: Blonde Bromance Edition

Meet this week's Campus Cuties, Daniel Reese Eisenman (left) and Robert Paul Konopka III (right). These freshman blondies are the cutest newbies on campus!


Dan: 6’4”

Robbie: 6’2”


Dan: Freshman, Finance

Robbie: Freshman, Business Undecided


Dan: Sarasota, Florida

Robbie: Westchester, New York

Relationship Status:

Dan: Taken, but not at Fairfield

Robbie: Single as a Pringle (SOS)

HC: How did you guys meet?

Dan: I went to hang out in Jogues 216 and Robbie was there.

HC: That’s it?

Robbie: I said, “Is that my Dad?” and then I looked into his ocean blue eyes and knew we’d be soulmates.

HC: Where can we usually find you on campus?

Dan: On my bench outside Regis on the phone (say hi girls!).

Robbie: Disneyland with my besties (you have to know to understand) or chillin w/ Cam and Dani.

HC: What clubs are you both involved in?

Dan& Robbie: Finance Club, D1 Volleyball (intramural) and College Republicans

HC: What are your plans for after graduation?

Dan: Joining big banks and making mad cash.

Robbie: Branching off to create a private equity firm together and wolf of wall streeting that sh*t.

HC: Who is your celebrity crush?  

Dan: Ryan Gosling because he is such a savage.

HC: We mean girls Dan.

Dan: Ohhh ok Emma Watson.

Robbie: She is very attractive...but so is Kate Upton.

Robbie: I would say Erin Heatherton and if we are talking guys definitely Daniel Craig, I am a huge Bond advocate.  

HC: Who’s the “dumb blonde” of the relationship?

Dan: Definitely Robbie, I have my moments though.

Robbie: I agree.

HC: What is your ideal type of girl?

Dan: Tan, brunette, blue eyes, nice smile and good eyebrows…definitely the eyebrows.

Robbie: Long, tan and handsome….no actually tall, blonde, great smile.

HC: First thing you notice in a girl?

Dan: Eyebrows and hard eye contact…if she’s looking right at you that’s hot.

Robbie: Smiles…unless she doesn't’t smile at me, eye contact too. 

HC: Roomie situation next year?

Dan and Robbie: Apartment with the squad.

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