Campus Cuties: Andrew Leone and Matija Milin

This week’s campus cuties are two fan favorites from the Fairfield Men’s Basketball team. This unlikely duo will be sure to brighten your day with their frequent hilarious banter and positive energy.  Though their heights are a difference of about a foot and three inches, they couldn’t be closer friends. Meet Andrew Leone and Matija Milin.


Andrew Leone: New York City, New York

Matija Milin: Belgrade, Serbia

Relationship status

AL: In a relationship

MM: Single

HC:  What are your majors?

AL: Basketball…just kidding I’m actually majoring in management.

MM: Undecided.

HC: What is your Involvement at Fairfield?

AL:  I’m on intermural basketball. Since 2013 I’ve been the number one season ticket holder for courtside seats at basketball games, and I’m also on intermural softball.

MM: I play basketball, tennis, table tennis, pool, and on the bowling team.

HC: Describe each other in 3 words

AL: Me? I’m small, I’m not hilarious … oh Matija ok. Tall, foreign, no comprendo ingles.

MM: Small party guy. Hilarious, serious, no no take off hilarious Andrew, Andrew, Andrew… life coach.

AL: Party guy?! I’m the one that stands outside during the parties …what you can’t get three words.?! We are friends and you can’t?

MM: Oh I got it:  small life coach.

AL: Great that’s what you strive for in life “small life coach”

MM: Oh and personal Uber driver.

HC: If you could be any animal what would you be?

AL: Definitely a Liger. Matija would be a Fennec Fox. Actually wait, wait no I want to be a sea urchin...maybe.

MM: The big black fish with the white dots. What is it called?


HC: An orca?

MM: Yes. I’d be an orca.

HC: What is your dream date?

AL: Dave and busters…. It’s a great place

MM: A walk on the moon.

HC: Why did you choose Fairfield?

AL: Only place I got in. *laughs*

MM:  I have no idea. Two weeks before I came here I didn’t know I was coming from Serbia … I still don’t know why I am here.

HC: What are your biggest fears?

AL: Heights.  Anything taller than me, tall people included. I don’t like it, I’m out.  I also hate roller coasters.

MM: I’m trying not to fear. I’m trying to live happily everyday and night living with no problems. Just trying to enjoy everyday.

HC: What are your best pickup lines

AL: *Pretending to be Matija* “When people see me they flock.”  But usually, did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Has to be written in Serbian: “da li je bolelo kad si pala iz raja»

MM: “Moves hand up and down body.”

HC: Matija, what is the weirdest thing about American culture that you have observed?

MM: Drunk people. Drunk  girls.

HC: Andrew what was the hardest thing to explain to Matija about American culture?

AL: Women… *laughs* Not every girl thinks he is attractive or wants to get with him.

HC: If you were stranded on an island and you could only have three things what would you have with you?

AL: Matija you go first.

MM: Andrew, my biology of food professor, and an endless bar.

AL: I will be smart about this question, you’d be dead Matija. You aren’t going to eat me. Hold up I wrote these down on my phone. Ok, ok bear grills, a lot of food, and Voss water. I think I am living on this island forever, I don’t know about you Matija but I’m alive.

MM: Wait no delete Andrew. My biology of food professor, an endless bar, and Captain Jack Sparrow.

HC: If you could play basketball with one pro basketball player who would it be?

AL: Muggsy Bogues. We’re the same height.

MM: Irving  “magic” Johnson.



HC: Matija, do you prefer Serbian girls or American girls

MM: Undecided. *Smirks*

AL: *laughs* Just like his major.  

Andrew and Matija highly suggest following them on Instagram and Snapchat.

Andrew Leone: Insra: @andy_leone Snapchat: andy_leone

Matija Milin: Insta: @matija58 Snapchat: Macan58