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Bruce Jenner: The Journey

After months of speculation, weeks of teasing trailers, and a constant scream of questionable pictures, the world finally knows the plans ahead for Bruce Jenner. Jenner confirmed himself that he will be officially transitioning into a woman during, Bruce Jenner: The Interview, the tell-all special with Diane Sawyer, which aired on Friday, April 24th on ABC.

Sawyer conducted a two hour interview that featured Jenner and his loved ones, including his four older children, Bert, Cassandra, Brandon, and Brody, his daughter-in-law Leah, his oldest sister Pam and his mother, Esther Jenner.Brandon Jenner seemed to be taking the news in a very positive way, which took Sawyer by shock.  He responded by saying, “I’m getting an upgraded version of my dad.”

When Cassandra was told about the transition, she asked Bruce how he would like to be referred as, considering the circumstances. Would he still be considered their father? Jenner expressed that the title wasn’t going to change, and that he was always going to be dad. Jenner has picked out a new name for the new chapter of his life, but won’t release it until it’s time and the transition is complete.

Jenner revealed that each one of his wives knew about the issues he was dealing with, but he hid them for so long to protect his children.  He says that the hardest part of the process was telling the Kardashian-Jenner children. He revealed the Kardashian who is taking the news the hardest, Khloe. Bruce explained he understood her concerns, due to the strong reaction she had to her biological father Robert Kardashian’s death, the issues she’s had with ex-husband Lamar Odom, and the fact that Bruce Jenner’s transformation might feel like the only male figure in her life is leaving her. 

Kim was very supportive of the transition and he quoted her by saying,“You gotta rock it, girl.”  Jenner stated that Kim actually was the first of his children to catch him in a dress years ago, and when he tried talking about it with her, she acted as if nothing had happened.  He described it as,  “the biggest family secret” since it was never spoken of.

Jenner showed Sawyer his new closet, and his plans to add a glam room to his new house.  He also invited Sawyer for dinner to meet “Her”. “Her” is what he calls himself when portraying himself as a woman.  Sawyer mentions that she did accept the invitation, and that “Her” was very lovely.

According to elle.com, speculation has arisen regarding whether or not Kris Jenner was asked to comment about Bruce Jenner’s transition.  In the special, Sawyer said Kris Jenner had no comment, while Bruce’s other two ex-wives, Chrystie Jenner and Linda Thompson, showed their support by sending positive thoughts and love. Perez Hilton took to Twitter, in order to highlight the fact that Kris had nothing to say regarding Jenner’s transition. Immediately, Kris responded back to Hilton by saying she wasn’t asked to comment, and that she was watching the special with Bruce.

Towards the end of the interview, Sawyer asked Jenner that if he were in her shoes as the interviewer, what he would ask himself.   He responded with the question, “Are you going to be okay?”.  Sawyer then asked that question, and Jenner responded by saying yes, he hopes he will be but that 2015 is going to be “quite a ride”.  He invited Sawyer to come back in a year’s time and interview him again as “Her” when the majority of the transition will be complete.



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