Bittersweetness of Graduating

With the arrival of the final month of classes, seniors are experiencing a wide variety of emotions. As we write the last papers of our undergraduate careers and plan our final exam schedule, we realize senior year is coming to a close. With exciting events like Mock Wedding and Senior Week quickly approaching, we can’t help but be excited. On the other hand, there’s the part of us that is holding our breath and panicking about life after college.

With underclassmen preparing themselves for registration, it hits us that soon we won’t be considered Fairfield students. No more advising meetings. No more pins. No more hoping the system doesn’t crash while signing up. The worries of getting into our desired classes and making sure we fulfill the core seem so far away.

For seniors, it’s a mix of trying to end classes on a high note, while trying to push through our senioritis. As the final projects pile up, the number of senior activities also multiplies. More than ever before it’s hard to manage our work and having fun with our classmates at the scheduled senior events. On top of that we have to worry about our future. Whether it’s figuring out where to go to graduate school, or figuring out what our next step is, the final month of senior year is far from relaxing.

When we aren’t worried about class or the job search, we are trying to soak up every minute left with our friends. The reality is that we will never be living all together in one place. From different states to different countries, life will significantly change for us in the coming months. We are moving into the real world, with the feeling of uncertainty unlike anything we’ve experienced before.

Each walk on campus turns to reminiscing about memories from the last four years. Looking at the construction around makes us wonder what campus will look like the next time we return, as alumni. Walking past college tour groups makes us feel older than ever before because we won’t be here when they arrive. Beyond the walls of campus, time at the beach becomes more important. The struggle of trying to pay for all the senior events, while enjoying the last of the amazing Fairfield restaurants is a major struggle. We try and take advantage of every last moment.

In just a month, we will be walking across the Bellarmine mansion stage to accept our diplomas in front of our loved ones who’ve supported us. Our Fairfield days will be in the past. With that being said, seniors, enjoy the time we have left. Most of all, remember that we are young and everything will work itself out.