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Best Ways To Stay Focused During Finals Week

Finals week is stressful for everyone. Between the endless papers, tests, and presentations, it can seem that the work is never ending. But don’t let the stress of work stop you from being motivated, because break it just around the corner after all the finals are done.

Here are some helpful tips to keep you focused during finals week:

1. Make Daily To-Do Lists

A great way to stay on top of your work during finals week is making a list of daily things to get done. By creating a list, it will help keep you on track and make all the work you have to get done less overwhelming. Also, nothing is more satisfying then checking something off the to-do list!

2. Get Enough Sleep

Another way to stay focused is by making sure you get a good night sleep so you can tackle all the work you have to do the next day. Nothing is worse then feeling like you are going to fall asleep in the middle of studying. So get your beauty sleep, collegiettes!

3. Go to the Gym

Allowing a little study break is crucial during finals week so you are not stuck sitting in the library all day. The gym is the perfect place to get your mind off studying and take some time for yourself.

4. Delete Social Media Temporarily

Social media is the perfect distraction when you are trying to avoid doing work. That quick minute you took to tweet something has turned into a half hour of scrolling through Twitter and checking Snapchat. By deleting social media for a week, you can avoid the temptation all together.

5. Coffee

Everyone needs their daily ~caffeine fix~, especially during finals after hours of studying. Having coffee is a great way to keep you alert while studying for philosophy. Coffee is truly a girl’s best friend during finals week.

6. Find a Quiet Study Area

Another way to stay focused is by finding a comfortable and quiet studying area. Although studying with friends may seem fun in theory, it can often lead to distractions. Find that place whether it is a café, the library, or your room where you will be the most focused and do your work there.

7. Be Reminded of Your Goals

It is important to be reminded of your goals for finals week such getting on the Dean’s list or simply passing Italian (I’ve been there). So put a reminder on your phone or a post it on your laptop so you stay reminded and motivated. Go conquer finals week, collegiettes!

Good luck, Stags!


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