The Best Personalized Gifts on Etsy for That Someone Special

Remember when Buddy the Elf got Santa-themed lingerie for his father with a note to “someone special”? Because we definitely do. And during the holiday season, we know you might be feeling a little like Buddy, shopping for your actual special someone with hopeless confusion. But hark! Do not be afraid, for see, we bring you good news of great joy: Etsy offers gifts just perfect for your ho ho ho. We’ve made a list, and checked it twice, of 10 great personalized gifts for the special someone in your life.

1. Custom Name Necklace


A classic. Can’t go wrong. Unless you misspell the name. 


2. Kingsley Leather


This shop offers handcrafted leather for your lover. Some options include cufflinks, a belt, or a beautiful personalized wallet. 


3. MacBook Case


With all the virtual events and Zoom calls going on at the moment, our devices deserve the best care they can get. 


4. Makeup Bag


While this bag will hold their lip gloss and mascara, you will hold their heart. 


5. Decanter 


So your beau or beauty can hold your booze and look classy at the same time. 


6. Customized Journal 


This is a great gift to give someone who loves to doodle, design, or simply write everything down. You could also leave your own little note inside. 


7. Personalized Pillow


This is one of our personal favorites because there’s so many possibilities. You could put your significant other on a pillow, your favorite meme, or Larry David. So many ways to make this gift perfect. Check out this one too!


8. Candle


Leave a message on this candle to ignite your love for each other.


9. Wood Ballpoint Pen


Your partner can use this to write in their custom journal (see number 6). Or, you can get your own name put on the pen, so when your person writes out a check they are reminded to buy something for you. 


10. Love Letter Blanket


“I wrote you 365 letters. I wrote you everyday for a year.” And one of them is printed on a blanket.