Best Online Stores To Save $$$

We all know how expensive some online stores can be, so here are some of our favorite online stores you should check out to help you save money. 


First up is Amazon Wardrobe. When you shop Amazon Wardrobe, you don’t have to pay until you have tried on your order. This online shopping program is available to Prime members. Every time you shop Amazon Wardrobe you can order up to eight items and pay once you have decided what you are going to keep. Amazon Wardrobe gives you up to seven days to decide what clothes you would like to keep. This is a perfect, budget-friendly option that comes with free shipping and free returns. 


Next is thredUp. thredUp sells lots of designer brand clothes, such as Calvin Klein, at very low prices. While the store does sell some secondhand clothes, all of their items are marked clearly as: “new with tags,” “basically new,” “slightly used,” etc. A plus to shopping at thredUp is that you will receive 20% off your first purchase. 


Lulu’s is another great online store. This store is perfect for when you are looking for special occasion dresses. The clothing Lulu’s has to offer is reasonably priced with dresses starting at only $10. When you spend $50 or more, shipping is free, and all returns are free. Lulu’s also has lots of great sales. You can even shop for other items from this store, such as shoes to compliment whatever articles of clothing you are buying. 


Nasty Gal is yet another great online store that offers regular sales for customers. You can never be disappointed when shopping from Nasty Gal, as they are always up to date with the latest fashion trends at very affordable prices. 


Last up is Nordstrom Rack. Nordstrom Rack is the perfect alternative for all of you who love to shop Nordstrom but may not be able to afford everything Nordstrom has to offer. Nordstrom Rack carries almost the same amount of designers and brands Nordstrom does, so you can still shop your favorite high-quality items for inexpensive prices. 


Be sure to keep these stores in mind next time you are shopping for cute, stylish, but inexpensive clothing!