The Best Movie Makeovers...Ever


One of the best makeovers in movie history-- or maybe it’s just ours. Tai Frasier (Brittany Murphy) gets glammed up by Cher and Dionne to initiate her into their group.  

Miss Congeniality 

Gracie Hart goes from tough FBI agent to girly Miss New Jersey for an undercover operation at the Miss America pageant.


Sandy’s transformation from poodle skirts to leather pants is the ultimate good-girl-gone-bad story. The makeover was so powerful that it made a car fly!

The Devil Wears Prada 

Andy Sachs starts out as a frumpy aspiring writer and after being convinced to dress to impress her boss, she transforms into a glamazon before our eyes. If only Vogue allowed their assistants to shop through the fashion closet. 

Pretty Woman 

Edward Lewis’s credit card + Rodeo Drive= jaw dropping transformation. Julia Robert's character, Vivian trades in her thigh-high boots and blonde wig for elegant cocktail dresses and natural hair and makeup.

Princess Diaries 

Mia Thermopolis is living an ordinary life when she given the ultimate makeover by her grandmother’s makeup team. It is amazing what a little brow grooming, contacts, and lip-gloss can do for you. I am still waiting for the day my long lost grandmother comes to tell me I'm the heir to the throne….sigh.


THE makeover of all makeovers. This is where it all started. Cinderella's fairy tale transformation to this day makes every girl want to find their fairy godmother, posse of mice, and their Prince Charming.