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Best Hair Colors for the Fall Season

Ladies, fall is here so that means out with the old and in with the new! It’s time to get rid of your summer hair style and transition for the new season. We all know change might be hard, but here are 5 new hair trends to try to get a fall look you will absolutely love!


  1. If you’re feeling a warmer #vibe, try a chocolate brown, chestnut, or black hair color. Any of these looks will be perfect for the cool weather. Plus, if you decide to add a gloss to your hair, it can give it a shinier and more voluminous look!


  1. Red is the perfect ~pop~ of color for the fall season. It may be considered one of the most difficult colors to achieve and many fear they can’t pull it off, but don’t stress! Fall is the time to take a risk – you can pull off anything with confidence!



  1. If you love your hair color but want to switch it up a little, a balayage is a great idea that allows you to have a mixture of different tones in your locks without making a bold change. Whether you want shades of brown or blonde, there’s a balayage for everyone! A dark brown or a dusty blonde balayage are some trends for this fall that will make you stand out.


  1. For something simple and not too drastic, opt for highlights. They provide a more natural look rather than simply dying your hair one color. They are also great if you’re going for a more sophisticated look!


  1. Who would have ever thought that exposed roots would be in style? While many instantly choose to get their hair color touched up when they see the slightest bit of roots showing, this trend is the complete opposite! Letting your roots grow out gives your hair a new look, and also allows us to save money #blessed.




Alonna Nesto

Fairfield '20

Alonna is a junior at Fairfield University majoring in Digital Journalism. In her free time, Alonna loves hanging out with her friends, listening to music, and going to the beach.
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