Best Comedy Movies for Every TV Junkie

It can be hard to find a comedy movie that actually makes you laugh out loud, but don’t worry, now you have at least 7 movies in your comedy repertoire that will definitely give you a good chuckle.

For all those TV junkies out there, these movies are a definite must-see.

1) 21 Jump Street

First of all, Channing Tatum stars in it, so it’s already bound to be good. But, Channing and Jonah Hill make an absolute killing in this comedy about two undercover cops that go back to high school to bust a drug dealer.

2) 22 Jump Street

Where do most people go after high school? College. Yep, Channing and Jonah head to college for yet another drug bust.

3) Bridesmaids

We’ve all had the classic “don’t steal my best friend” moments, and that’s what this movie is all about. There is no doubt that Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, and Melissa McCarthy will make you crack up throughout the whole movie.

4) The 40 Year-Old Virgin

Steve Carell acting as a goofy, action-figure collecting, 40-year-old virgin? How could you not laugh?

5) Hello, My Name is Doris

For any New Girl watchers out there, this movie is a must-see simply because Max Greenfield-otherwise known as Schmidt-stars in it. Sally Fields plays an older woman who does everything in her power to get the attention of her much younger male co-worker.

6) Trainwreck

The vulgar, semi-perverted, hilarious Amy Schumer takes us through her anti-monogamous life in this movie. You can’t help but laugh because of Schumer’s inappropriately hysterical lines.

7) Ted

Some people might think that a movie about a talking teddy bear wouldn’t be funny but they are so wrong. Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane’s humors combined make for a seriously funny movie.