The Best Colors to Wear for Spring

After a long, cold winter, the arrival of spring represents the revival of our very best selves. The weather begins to get warmer; the days get longer and the clothing begins to get brighter. The gloomy days of winter become a distant memory and the sun beats down leaving the world a happier place.


Often times, clothing stores and boutiques are one season ahead so the time to shop for spring is NOW! Here are just a few of the best spring colors to style this season.




Year after year, one of the best staples for spring and summer is the color white. Whether it’s a sparkling pair of white shoes, the perfect fitting pair of white jeans, or a plain white t-shirt layered under a jean jacket, you can never go wrong with the color white. 


In years past, it has been said that white can only be worn in the weeks between Memorial Day and Labor Day, but fashion is a way to express yourself, and rules are meant to be broken! 


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One of the best colors for spring this year is cornflower blue. Without a doubt, it will be seen far and wide in all different styles. A mix of light blues and purples create the perfect spring color. 


One of the best colors that features this color is this Free People dupe from Target. Shop here to start your collection of this beautiful spring color here: 


This quilted jacket is perfect for the awkward weather transition from winter to spring!




Every spring, a new version of pink arises and as predictable as it may be, rusty rose is unique from anything we have seen before in the fashion world. It is the perfect mix of dusty rose and a burnt orange to complement a denim jacket or some strappy sandals. 


As the world begins to open up again, more and more events will happen this spring! With that, you need the most perfect dress to attend. Shop Lulus this spring for all of your event needs, especially this stunning rusty rose dress: 




Year after year, pastel purple is ranked as one of the best colors for spring. This year is no different, it is too beautiful and soft to not include in in your wardrobe for the spring months ahead.


For Spring 2021, there are thousands of different styles to fit the sporty side of your life. Hit the gym in the most comfortable Align set from Lululemon


And if you love this workout set but lavender just isn’t your color, browse the site for the other beautiful hues that will have your closet vibrant all spring 2021!




A spin off of a pastel, seafoam green will be the perfect complement to any outfit you put together this season. Whether it is a nail color, hand bag or pair of shoes, seafoam green should be one of the colors you reach for most in Spring 2021!


Add these shoes to any outfit for the perfect anecdote of color!: 


With a new season ahead, take the time to express yourself through unique colors and styles. Spring is the perfect time to reinvent yourself and come out more chic and fashionable than ever before. Have fun with it!