Barbie Gets a New High Fashion Makeover

Fashion and style is always changing, even in Barbie’s world. Every girl’s favorite childhood toy recently underwent a high fashion makeover. Barbie’s signature eye shadow and pink lips are now a thing of the past, thanks to legendary makeup artist, Pat McGrath.

McGrath, a renowned makeup artist in high fashion, gave this doll a whole new look for this year’s fashion month. He branched out of his usual realm of makeup artistry to create his first it-product, the hand-created Barbie. describes the doll as having hand-painted plum lipstick and gold Swarwoski-crystal-embellished eye makeup. The magazine says this combination has given Barbie “her best makeover to date.”

According to, Mattel collaborated with McGrath to bring the doll into the high fashion world. The brand hopes that this pairing will be the first of many. They plan to partner with more designers to bring Barbie even more international popularity in the fashion world.

Along with this look, McGrath has created three other looks that debuted on Barbie’s instagram, @barbiestyle.