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Going back to school can be difficult in any relationship, whether it forces you to go long distance or you attend the same school. I’m here to help you through that transition and make sure you feel confident in your relationship as you head back.

If back to school means going long distance with your significant other, remember that communication is everything. 

Here are some tips:

  1. Stay connected throughout the day: FaceTime and text when you can. 
  1. Plan long distance date nights: Watch a movie together, play games online, or order each other food and eat together. Anything you can do to carve out some quality time together.
  1. Plan trips to see each other before the start of the semester: This will ensure that you’re able to see each other and make it less stressful once school starts!

For those of you who are in relationships at school, sometimes coming back can be a difficult time. Make sure you discuss what your relationship will look like once you go back, and keep in mind that you both will be busy. It’s just as important to make alone time for your relationship while at school, so date nights are a necessity! 

Remember: don’t expect the same level of engagement with each other once you’re at school, but that’s ok! Keep in mind the importance of being with friends, trying new things, and getting involved on your campus.

Above all, remember that you can make it through anything as long as you stay committed and loving! 



Lily Cochran

Fairfield '23

Lily Cochran is a sophomore business major at Fairfield University. She works at a surf shop in New Hampshire over the summer and loves the beach, shopping, and running.
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