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Ashley Graham Became the First Plus Size Model to Walk for Michael Kors

On February 15, 2017, supermodel Ashley Graham made Micheal Kors history by being their first plus size model to walk the runway in one of their fashion shows! Micheal Kors had a vision for this collection and this fashion show, which was that, “This collection is all about strength, sensuality, and confidence. It’s about bringing out the best in every kind of woman.” Graham, the first plus size model for Micheal Kors, carried out this “strength, sensuality, and confidence” as she modeled a grey fur coat over a black dress for the company. 

Having a plus size model in the Michael Kors fashion show shows great growth and acceptance of all body types within the fashion industry. It is sending the message that every woman of any body type is beautiful. It a huge break through for the fashion industry to start having plus size models advertise their brands. It is something to applaud Michael Kors for, as it is giving all girls and women of all sizes the opportunity to achieve their dreams.

Ashley Graham was extremely thankful and completely overjoyed to be the first plus size model for Michael Kors. Just last year she was selected to be the first plus size model to be displayed in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit catalogue. Graham is an inspiration to women everywhere and an activist for all women to love their bodies.

Graham has worked hard to get to where she is today with all the success and praise she has received. She is grateful for the opportunities that have come her way, and even gives Michael Kors a “thank you” in an Instagram post after the fashion show.


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