ABC Not Allowing Two Men to Dance Together on Dancing With the Stars

Many are disappointed following ABC’s announcement that their show Dancing With the Stars will not permit two men to dance together on the popular show.

On November 23rd, openly gay recording artist, Who Is Fancy will be performing his new song, “Boys Like You” on the show with Ariana Grande and Meghan Trainor.

Who Is Fancy’s song is about two men falling in love, so a choreographer e-mailed DWTS producers Ashley Edgens-Shaffer, Joe Sungkur, and Rob Wade proposing that two men dance together to go with the theme of the song.

TMZ leaked the emails between the choreographer and producers. “It would be an awesome look to have 2 males dancing with each other,” wrote the choreographer. DWTS producers replied, “Apologies but this is a definitive no from the network.”  

After ABC received some negative feedback after word got out about these e-mails, they allowed “near dancing” (just two men dancing pretty close to each other) to get themselves out of hot water.