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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Fairfield chapter.

Since the Kansas City Chiefs played the Chicago Bears at Arrowhead Stadium on September 24th, the internet has exploded with commentary and speculations on Taylor Swift’s presence at the game. It was clear that Swift was there to cheer on the Chiefs tight end, Travis Kelce. Since Kelce announced he had wanted to gift a friendship bracelet with his number on it to Swift during the Eras Tour, onlookers have excitedly watched and waited for developments between the two. At the game, Swift was spotted wearing Chief’s merchandise in Kelce’s suite, chatting and celebrating with his mom, Momma Kelce, a fan favorite. While fans had definitely been hopeful about the two being seen together, I think Taylor’s presence at the game was still pleasantly surprising. It was also almost a full circle moment for Swift to be seen joyfully cheering on Kelce at the same stadium he had supported her performing at a few months prior. 

After the game, Kelce and Swift were photographed driving in his 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle to their next destination. As reported by ET Online, the pair celebrated Kelce’s victory with drinks and food at the Prime Social Rooftop alongside other Chief’s teammates. Before the pair arrived at the restaurant, diners were reportedly told their checks were taken care of but that they had to leave immediately. The discussion surrounding Kelce and Swift did not end after that night; fans eagerly awaited for Kelce’s podcast, “New Heights” hosted with his brother Jason Kelce, to air. 

The Kelce brothers danced around the topic for the first couple of minutes of the podcast and then finally addressed it head-on. Kelce spoke glowingly about Swift, saying that his friends and family in the suit “had nothing but great things to say about her” and complimenting that “she looked amazing.” The brothers humorously discussed how Andy Reid, the Chiefs head coach, had tried to claim responsibility for being the mastermind behind Kelce and Swift’s meeting. The segment of the podcast discussing Swift’s attendance at Arrowhead Stadium concluded with Kelce vocalizing how going forward, he will be keeping his personal life private. 

Whether or not Kelce and Swift progress their relationship into something official or serious, Swifties can all agree that seeing Swift appearing so radiant is always a welcome occurrence. After the monumental first leg of the Eras Tour and all the effort Swift put into it, she deserves some respite from the spotlight.



Fiona Killeen

Fairfield '26

Fiona Killeen is a contributing writer for Fairfield University's Her Campus chapter. During her freshman year, she wrote for the culture and style columns and is excited to continue writing. Outside of Her Campus, Fiona loves writing for The Mirror and often writes for The Opinion section as well as The Vine. When not writing, she spends time outdoors hiking or going on long walks with her dog. Fiona also loves baking and enjoys using social media to find recipe inspiration.