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9 Ways Your Job Search Is Exactly Like Dating

1. The First Glance
Dating: “Oh my god who is that!? He’s so hot! I’m going to go stalk him on social media right now!”

Job Search: As you’re scrolling through Indeed and an intriguing option pops up, the butterflies kick in. You’ve never see this company before but you immediately get heart eyes and decide you NEED to work for this up- and-coming business. You head to Google to immediately start searching everything about them.  

2. The Decision to Pursue
Dating: “Am I ready for this kind of commitment? I can’t even take care of my window plant! Am I ready for a boyfriend?”

Job Search: You ask yourself, “Am I ready for this committed 9-5 job that will ruin my social life?” You second-guess your qualifications of even landing the interview and you weigh the pros and cons of working there. Can you really handle the commitment of working in the real world?

3. The First Interaction
Dating: “I’m sorry but did he just smile at me?! *texts roommates/friends/mother about it*

Job Search: Weeks after you submitted your resume, the email pops in your mailbox with contact information to schedule an interview. You can’t help but feel happy and “wanted” as you excitedly check your schedule and tell all your roommates. You also throw in a call to your grandma to update her that your life is going somewhere!

4. Deciding What to Wear
Dating: “My outfit will make or break my date with him. I need something that says sophisticated but also fun. That’s it, everyone get in the car. We are going shopping.”  

Job Search: You can’t help but obsess over your outfit. You want to look trendy and cool but also extremely professional. You iron out every single wrinkle (even the invisible ones you’ve created in your head) and lay out your outfit beforehand just to be extra ready.

5. Being Present in The Interview
Dating: “OMG I am so nervous. How am I going to carry this conversation when his eyes are like stars.”

Job Search: It’s hard to carry a conversation, especially when it’s all about yourself! Your interviewer wants to get to know you to see if you are a good candidate for the position so don’t sell yourself short. They also want you to ask questions about their company so I have to be prepared. Don’t worry no one will see that sticky note with questions you jotted down in the cab ride over hanging out of your purse. 

6.Past Experience
Dating: “Note to self: don’t bring up the cheater ex-boyfriend Tim. Boys don’t like girls who have a lot of emotional baggage.”

Job Search: Just like you don’t bring up exes, don’t bring up past employers who were not very nice to you. You don’t know who knows whom in the real world and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Focus on the positive things on your resume and what you are passionate about. Leave the past in the past.

7. Fake It Till You Make It
Dating: “Oh yeah I’ve totally been to Europe 12 times too that’s so funny we have so much in common!”

Job Search: You are just entering the job world, so with the little experience you have to try to stretch it. Keep in mind, using Instagram filters to edit photos isn’t exactly mastering Photoshop, so refrain from straight up lying. There are ways however, to show your interviewer that you are extremely qualified and there is no harm in that.

8. The Goodbye

Dating: “I think I fell in love with you, so when is our next date?!”

Job Search: Keep it professional. Being extremely aggressive and asking them if you got the job right then and there is a bad last impression to make. If you had a great interview thank them for taking time out of their day to meet with you.  

9. Follow up email
Dating: “Omg why hasn’t he texted me yet! Whatever I’ll just break the code and text him that I had a great time. How many emojis should I use?”

Job Search: ALWAYS send a thank you email/note. This makes the best impression and shows your future employer that you are serious and to put it simply, that you have your life together. Taking the time to write a simple note goes a long way, so do not forget this simple but crucial step!

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