9 Types of Exes Every Collegiette Has

Let's face it. We have all dealt with breakups, makeups, and the craziness that goes on in between. The "psychos" who you constantly rant about to your friends, the cheater who broke your heart one too many times, and the one you may have hurt yourself. Undoubtedly, all of these situations put you through what seem to be the emotional roller coaster of the century, and sometimes there is simply just no recovering. Here are some of the exes we have dealt with (and hope to never have to) again: 

Your First Ex

Your first real ex: as in not your middle school boyfriend. You’ll always have a soft spot for him in your heart.

The One Who Hates You

… and rightfully so. You messed this one up big time and an apology just wasn’t going to fix it. 

The One Who Hates You and You Don’t Know Why

You probably never will so don’t beat yourself up over it. It isn’t your fault that he’s still bitter… 2 years later. 

Your Drunk Phone Call

You might not have even dated, but you are sooo in love with him. At least, that’s what your friend Jose Cuervo tells you. Nights like these ladies, is when it’s time to go radio silent.

The One Who’s Now Gay

Its okay, we move on.  

Wait, I forgot we dated!

This is the middle school boyfriend. The one you dated for a couple months, maybe you kissed, and the one someone will always say: “remember when you two dated?”

The One You Purposely Forget

Your friends know to never bring him up. Even though you broke up forever ago, you still have residual embarrassment. 

The One You Still Avoid

It just didn’t end well. Your friends were involved, his friends were involved and there wasn’t any closure. It’s probably just best to leave this one alone. 

The One That Just Wouldn’t Grow Up

He wasn’t a bad guy, just incredibly immature.