9 Things Our Sixteen Year Old Self Would Have Instagrammed

“Do it for the Insta” is a common phrase used by most collegiettes, but can you imagine what your uploads would be if Insta existed years ago? We would definitely be a part of “generation like” and receiving up to 100 likes per photo would be no problem. Check out what Instagram would look like if we had it during our awkward teenage years.


“#ClearTheRoads… mom almost had a heart attack.” The best part about being 16 is that you will pass the test for your permit and you want everyone to know you will be behind the wheel. Post a photo of your license or you never passed the test!  

Football games

Best part of high school was, of course, the football games. School sprit would have reached a new level if every high school girl had an Instagram account. Picture with the quarterback while sporting your school colors? 100 likes guaranteed.

Sweet Sixteen’s

Every Friday and Saturday night photos of sweet sixteen’s would fill up Instagram and if you were not invited, you would feel extremely left out.  Wonder what hashtags would have been used back then?

Red Solo cups and Basement Parties

16 years old, the age when you pick up your first red cup. Instagram would have been the best place to show off how bada** you were… even if there was only lemonade inside.  #noonewilleverknow

College visits

Time to show off the schools you want to go to and how you are “so college.” Each visit would be filled with tons of photos on your favorite college campus. #GoStags.


“This kid has put up with me for 3 months #LoveYouBaby.” If you were cool enough to have a boyfriend in high school, then of course you would make sure to Instagram every anniversary to remind everyone you are #taken. 

Peace Signs

The ultimate go to pose during our teenage years was the peace sign.  If Insta existed during high school, every other photo would involve chucking the deuce up.  

Macbook Selfies.

Before the age of selfies, Apple had Photo Booth. All of those photos taken in class during video chats or before going out with your friends, would for sure be hit on #SelfieSunday.


Springtime would undoubtedly have filled your Instagram feed with photos of how everyone was asked to prom and, of course, prom selfies