9 Secrets Every Incoming Freshman Should Know

Regardless of how long ago the first day of freshman year was, the anxiety I felt that day is something I'll never forget. So if I could, I would let myself in on a few secrets ...

1. Your first friends won’t be your best friends. (Sorry.) (Not sorry.) The people you immediately cling to in the desperate hunt for friends within your first week may not be your friends for life. Just remember that when they start to branch away, let them. You’ll find your people in due time. 

2. You’re going to gain weight.You are not your fifteen-year-old self who is involved with every sport available at your school anymore. It happens, and you better know that you still look good. 

3. The dining hall food will eventually agree with you.Key word there is “eventually”.

4. You have to put yourself out there.News flash, this isn’t high school- nobody cares. No one is going to jump start your future but yourself, so don’t be afraid to try things you wouldn’t have normally done in high school. Do what makes you happy.

5. It’s okay to change your major.One, two...or five times.

6. Spend money wisely.Do you really need that late night pizza? You do NOT need your tenth Fairfield University tee from the bookstore. 

7. Taking your baby blanket to college isn’t babyish.You aren’t the only one with a precious item from your childhood, odds are your roommate brought her archaic stuffed animal as well.

8. College is what you make it.The reason people say college was the best years of their life wasn’t because someone else made it fun for them.

9.You’ll find your best friends.After wild nights out, tears over boys, food binges, late-night study seshs, and beyond, you’ll find the girls who were meant to be your sisters.