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The 9 Reasons We Love Charlie Hunnam

Charlie Hunnam is undoubtedly the ultimate MCM. Being a die-hard Sons of Anarchy fan, I have a pretty dramatic emotional attachment to him. Even if you’re not interested in the show, we bet you still can’t resist his British accent and luscious blonde locks as he rides his Harley. When he’s not playing Jax Teller on SOA, you can find him writing screenplays or cracking a joke with his keen sense of humor. Here are the top nine reasons why he should be your man crush Monday. (Note the TOP 10 because there are obviously too many reasons to count.)

1. When he smiles, your heart just melts.

2. He’s your ultimate Bad Boy

3. His back is absolutely magical

… And then again, so is his front

4. He wears a suit like no other

5. He’s the hottest dilf to hit television. Ever.

6. He makes a great magazine cover. Scratch that. The best magazine cover.


7. This up close and personal view of his body will have you daydreaming.

8. When he asked this and you couldn’t help but scream yes at the TV.

9. He can make all of your dreams come true. 


So, Charlie might not have accepted the role of Christian Grey, (we’re slowly forgiving him) but his utter perfection allows us to crown Charlie Hunnam the ultimate MCM. 

I'm a Communication major, double minor in Professional Writing and Spanish at Fairfield University.I love having a good time, dogs, tattoos and making people laugh. That's pretty much it.
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