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9 Last Minute Pres Ball Dress Ideas

Now that we are finally leaping into fall, Fairfield’s Annual President’s Ball is right around the corner. If you haven’t had your dress planned out for months (like me!), have no fear, the Pres Ball dress guide is here. Whether you like bold colors or would rather stick to a more neutral look, there are plenty of dress types for everyone.


If you are looking for a classic dress that won’t break the bank, a standard bodycon is always a good option. Add a statement necklace and give your dress its own unique look. Available in many colors from forever21.com, you can’t go wrong. 

2. Bandage

Bandage dresses are a great way to look taller. Without the sleeves, your arms and legs appear longer, considering they won’t be hiding under fabric. They also usually have different patterns mixed in for a super unique look.

3. Peplum

A peplum dress looks flattering on anyone. The frill in the middle is placed in just the right spot to break up the top and bottom of the dress perfectly, giving it a little something extra. 

4.  Long Sleeved

If you don’t want to worry about chilly fall nights, a long sleeved dress is a great way to go. A dress with mesh sleeves is particularly perfect because it still allows your skin to breathe. Since we all know how hot it gets on the dance floor, mesh is the perfect material for an event like this one.

5. Sequins

You’ll definitely stand out in the crowd with a dress like this! If you want to rock the sequins without looking too flashy, choose a nude colored sparkle for a subtler ensemble.


For an elegant, mature outfit, try a lacey dress. Lace automatically upgrades your look, especially when it’s done tastefully. Black, white, or nude lace with a slip underneath looks classy on everyone.

7. Top and Skirt

A shirt and skirt combo is always a good option as well. For an even bolder look, pair a cropped top with your skirt. Dress up a solid color top with either a fun patterned skirt or statement jewelry!

8. Romper

If you want to decrease your chances of having a wardrobe malfunction on the dance floor, a romper is a safe way to go. Being able to jam out with your friends without having to worry if your skirt is bunching up is always a plus. A fancy romper is a great choice for any formal event. 

9. Flowy

Flowy dresses are trendy for fall and look great on everyone. If you’re not feeling a skintight look, a dress that flows out at the end is always flattering. You can also choose a dress that is fitted at the top and looser at the to enhance all of your assets! A dress like this one can easily be dressed up so easily with a pair of heels!


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