8 Things We Would Rather Do Than Workout

To those girls who pretend to enjoy working out and say they “wish they could live at the gym”…cut the act, you’re lying. The only thing worse than actually working out is working up the stamina and mental toughness to actually go exercise. Although it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle (and because bikini season is almost upon us), that does not make the struggle of getting to the gym any less real. So, some collegiettes may ask, what are the things one would rather do than work out? The limit does not exist.

1.  Eat. Eat. Eat.So if I only eat one cupcake now and then I eat healthy the rest of the day then I should be fine to not go to the gym…yeah that seems about right.

2. Do HomeworkWoah, I am just SWAMPED with work this week, looks like I can’t go to the gym. I am just studious like that…schoolwork before everything.

3. Go ShoppingAs a reward for working so hard and just giving my schoolwork my all, I am going to go shopping and buy myself something nice because I deserve it. The gym will be there when I get back.

4. Watch NetflixAs much as I really want to go to the gym, I only have 3 episodes left of Friends so I might as well just finish those first and just get it out of the way. Then maybe, most likely, probably not go to the gym.

5. Spend time with your friendsTo hang out with friends or go to the gym? Wow, tough one. Well I have not seen Sarah in about two days so I should probably go hang out with her, just so she knows I did not forget about her.

6. Clean my dorm roomMy roommates and I have been fighting over whose turn it is to clean the dorm lately. But she's probably right; it is definitely my turn. Keeping the living space neat contributes to healthy lifestyle, right?

7. Read a BookI should go to the gym but I will probably catch up on that book that I got half way through last summer but never finished. For some reason now I cannot wait to see how it ends…

8. Talk about working outUgh I should really hit the gym since bikini season is coming up…I need to lose 10 pounds. If only talking burned calories. That’s it, no more excuses. Starting next week I will go to the gym every single day!

So in conclusion, I will do anything, just anything as long as it does not involve working out.